Skin Cancer Online Education Partnership gains momentum

Skin Cancer Online Education

NeXstep Events, in partnership with the Skin Cancer Foundation of South Africa, continues to provide successful online education to Dermatologists, Pharmacists, and skin health professionals.

Skin Cancer Online Education Partnership
Message from NeXstep Events Director

In this video:
Good day,
My name is Helene Olivier, and I am the owner of NeXstep Events.

As partners of the Skin Cancer Foundation of South Africa, a registered NPO in South Africa, we share a passion for healthy living, and more specifically, skin health.

It is with this passion that my team and I developed this online event web channel.

A channel you may use to either communicate with your target audience, to educate, to share the latest technologies, or even get your product in front of the skin cancer foundation
of South Africa’s database and faculty members.

When you use this online event channel, you also support the vision of the Skin Cancer Foundation of South Africa – and that is to prevent and educate skin cancer-related matters.

We are awaiting your call – you are welcome to contact me by using the WhatsApp link available on my trade page, and on this event web channel, and we are looking forward to hearing from you.

As partners of the Skin Cancer Foundation of South Africa, a registered NPO in South Africa, we share a passion for healthy living, and more specifically, skin health.

NeXstep  Director Helene Olivier

NeXstep Events


NeXstep Events, a registered Events and Functions company, has provided pro bono event management services to the Skin Cancer Foundation of South Africa (SCFSA) since 2019.

This includes the management of the SCFSA annual meeting, traditionally held in Durban and Pretoria. These in-person events, traditionally, include 2 important educational sessions:
1. Scientific meeting to update Dermatologists, doctors/physicians, and specialists with the latest findings in skin cancers
2. Skin Health Symposium targeting skin health professionals

Online partnership

In 2021, during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, NeXstep Events stepped up to the challenge and set the SCFSA up with an online platform to host the 2021 Online Skin Cancer Foundation update on 16 May 2021. Changing from a traditional in-person event to a web-based virtual meeting, allowed speakers from around the globe to participate.

SCFSA also introduced a master class in Photodynamic Therapy and Dermatological Surgery. Adding the master class took the SCFSA annual update to a new level, as it included practical workshops demonstrating various techniques by the leading experts in the world.

Local and International faculty and delegates joined the meeting through the registration process, and the two educational sessions (Scientific and Skin Health) ran concurrently on 16 May 2021. The master class followed after a short break.

Dermatologists praised the SCFSA for changing the way medical conferencing will take place after 2021:

SCFSA successfully changed the way we will be hosting and attending conferences in the future. We are all in the same room with all our world-class colleagues! Fantastic. Well Done!

Dr Derek Odendaal

Dr Derek Odendaal
Neoderm dermatology centre


Online Education continues to grow

Delegates and faculty requested more information and follow-up sessions after the success of May 16, 2021. With the established online platform in place, the Skin Cancer Foundation launched ongoing educational focus sessions.

These sessions are shorter and more focused on specific topics, for example, Actinic Keratosis.

The NeXstep Events and SCFSA partnership is growing day by day, delivering to the SCFSA’s mission to educate, prevent, early detect and provide prompt treatment of skin cancer and related conditions.

The online platform, however, still in its infancy is also available to trade partners that wish to communicate with their target audiences, share new developments in industry-specific sectors, and have an opportunity for Trade to get their product in front of the Skin Cancer Foundation’s faculty and delegate database.

Various options to host educational sessions are available using the existing online platform.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with NeXstep Events to discuss educational opportunities in partnership with the Skin Cancer Foundation of South Africa.

About NeXstep Events and Functions (Pty) Ltd
NeXstep Events (Pty) Ltd, and a highly-skilled Events Company. Helene Oliver, managing Director, has more than 30 years of experience in Event Management and functions (since 1987).

Her knowledge in event coordination and project management positions her as a specialist in customer relations and event management.

She has a well-established network across numerous business platforms, venues, and suppliers that provides Corporates with the best options to host any premier event.

In 2019, NeXstep Events expanded the business by partnering with Retrolex Consultancy (Marketing Agency) – an L1 BBBEE 100% black-owned company.

In 2021 the company rolled out a digital solution to manage and host Virtual summits, conferences, conventions, team building, and other online meetings, during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

About the Skin Cancer Foundation of South Africa

The Skin Cancer Foundation of South Africa (SCFSA) is a Non-Profit, independent, Organisation (NPO) dedicated to preventing skin cancer.

SCFSA hosts an annual National Skin Cancer Screening Day, where South Africans can be screened for skin cancer, at no charge.

The Skin Cancer Foundation’s mission is to establish a comprehensive skin cancer prevention strategy for the people of South Africa. This programme focuses on skin cancer awareness, education, prevention, early detection, and treatment.