NeXstep Corporate Events

NeXstep Corporate Events is an online and actual event management, planning, and services company.

Corporate Events are our passion. We are, therefore, passionate about giving your business the support you need to achieve your goals when you host your online or actual event.

NeXstep Corporate Events aim to help you increase your market share, generate sales & networking opportunities. Last but not least, to drive customer awareness and loyalty.

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Corporate Events Mission
We aim to:

Provide a platform through custom-designed online/virtual or actual events. To reach various groups of people, both internal and external. We aim to grow market share, increase sales opportunities, and reach retention objectives.

Create the opportunity to interact face to face with your customers. This will enhance customer loyalty through a memorable experience.

Establish a culture of respect towards the brand between internal and external stakeholders.

Draw favorable attention to the company, brand, products, and services on offer.

Position your company’s business strategy in a memorable way through unique and well-organized events.

Generate leads, identify cross-selling opportunities and engage with potential customers through custom-made events.

Our Vision

  • We pride ourselves in service excellence which includes but is not limited to providing a full specification quotation within 24hours.

  • This assures an effortless process in arranging and managing your next conference or event.

  • We aim to become a key partner with your business and not just a once-off service provider.

  • We build meaningful, authentic relationships, as we inherently believe in the essence and potential that exists in human connection.

Social Responsibility

Contributing to a better community is a priority for NeXstep Events and Functions.  We partnered with The Skin Cancer Foundation of South Africa (SCFSA) by offering them pro bono event management since the 2019 SCFSA conference.

In 2021, we built an online event platform and hosted the 8th Annual Skin Cancer Foundation meeting. In the process, we revolutionized the way medical conferencing takes place. 

Our relationship with SCFSA is growing. NeXstep Corporate Events is a 2021 trade partner. We contribute to continued Skin Cancer awareness and education through monthly focus sessions hosted on the online platform.