Online Events

NeXstep Events PTY(Ltd) creates extraordinary online experiences whether it be team building, conferencing or online awards evenings.

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In-Person Events

Our in-person events connects people – whether it is a team building, company picnic, product launch, conference, seminar or golf day.

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What We Do

Our Practice Areas

NeXstep Corporate Events is an online and actual event planning, management, and services company.
We do both online and in-person events or functions. Our services include concept design, execution and feedback after the event.

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Why Corporate Events?

Corporate events or functions or events are a way which business use to connect people. Events vary in type, size and style depending on the target audience, purpose or strategy of the event.

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Management Services

Our process starts with strategic planning, budgets and project proposals. Meet with me online or in-person to discuss your next event or function. Planning includes a detailed marketing strategy.

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Online Events

Online or virtual events are highly interactive. Virtual events became very popular since the pandemic. People meet on the web or internet using various virtual platforms. These events are highly interactive.

Online events

In-Person Events

Actual or in-person events takes place when people get together for a specific function or reason. Corporate clients arrange events for various reasons: education, team spirit, awards to name a few

In-person events

Online or in-person events and functions:

Mo Magic is a NeXstep Events service provider.

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